Giant Inflatable drive-in movie screen rentals 30 X 17 Movie in the park | Minneapolis, MN

Drive in Movie Screen Complete Set Up W/ Technician 30 X 17

Drive in Movie Screen Complete Set Up W/ Technician 30 X 17

    • Setup Area: Must be on a flat surface (grass is preferred). 3 feet of clearance around the perimeter of the unit with 6 feet of clearance by entrance, exit and overhead lines. Sand Bags are required for set ups where staking is not an option.
    • Outlets: 2 separate outlets required - (Blower and 2 - 100' Extension cords included)
    • Age Group: All ages love a great drive in movie!
    • Attendants: USA Inflatables will provide an operator for this unit

    • $1,799.00
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Product Description

Ok… so you’re really serious about having the biggest inflatable movie screen around. No puny 16, or 20 or even 25-foot screen will work for you. If this sounds like you then it’s probably time to introduce you to our 30×17 foot JUMBO inflatable movie screen. 

The JUMBO is the sort of screen that comes into creation when the spiritual essence of Hollywood and the Titanic have a baby. And we’re talking a massive baby. With total screen dimensions of 30 feet by 17 feet the complete viewing area of the “Made it Happen” is 34 and a half feet! Think of that for a moment… Thirty-four and a half feet means a close up video of an actor’s face will make you feel like a little child, a thirty-four and a half foot screen means you could see the screen from a quarter mile away, a thirty-four and half foot screen means you will most likely have the largest screen anyone else has ever seen outside of an actual movie theater!

The "JUMBO" is the best way to quickly and easily show movies, films, and presentations to groups of 10-2500 people.

This screen is perfect for professional events, movies in the park, schools and more. But a brave backyard pioneer might find a way to make use of it as well.

With the “JUMBO” there really isn’t much you can’t do (except set it up in a small backyard, don’t even try it, ain’t gonna work). You can throw the world’s most awesome backyard party, host a graduation party or a birthday party. Celebrate love on the big screen at a wedding, anniversary or family reunion. You can show movies to local clubs and organizations, businesses, schools, charter schools, apartment complexes, hotels, public gatherings, summer camps, church groups, church camps, boys camps and girls camps, high school celebrations, university movie nights and more, much, much more… At the end of the day, you have to be pretty creative to come up with things you can’t do with the “JUMBO”.

Like all our screens,  we keep a technician at the event to assure a flawless event  (upto 4 hours)

The Ultimate control console can play it all: movie downloads, Blu-ray Disc, DVD, slide shows, streaming media and more.  Ultimate packages maximize flexibility and convenience with movie playback in every major format: electronic media, Blu-ray Disc and DVD. Imagine every possibility of having a 13″ MacBook Air laptop integrated with rack mounted audio, power conditioning and a Blu-ray Disc player.