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    Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. How long is the rental, Whats included, cancellation policy, what surface do we set up on, How many kids can fit in the inflatable, Are the inflatables clean and many many more.

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    Why should I choose USA Inflatables

    USA Inflatables is the Leading provider of Interactive Events and inflatables to large and small events and festivals in the Greater Minneapolis St Paul area. Some of our annual events include large city festivals, school carnivals, church festivals and the Minnesota State Fair. We also perform at several company picnics, and thousands of back yard parties. The reason these events come back to USA Inflatables year after year is because they know that USA Inflatables provides the highest quality, safest inflatables, largest selection of innovative party rental equipment, quality on-time deliveries and clean courteous staff members that treat your customers with respect. USA Inflatables also provides interactive equipment to several cities and festivals through out-state Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

    Delivery Areas

    The Lessee shall be in charge of operating the unit(s) rented from USA Inflatables (Lessor) and is fully responsible for the operation of the unit(s) after receiving it from Lessor, unless the rented item lists an attendant included in it website description. USA Inflatables has operators available for an additional fee that must be arranged with USA Inflatables at the time of making the reservation. Electricity is the responsibility of the lessee unless other arrangements have been made with USA Inflatables by also renting a generator.
    YES - For Moonwalks the second day is only $60.00 and for combo's the second day is only $75.00 and for Water Slides the second day is only $100.00 for all other items the second day is 1/2 price
    115' Maximum from an electrical outlet.- USA Inflatables will supply the extension cord for no additional fee.
    USA Inflatables will set-up at all parks with permission. Check with the park prior to the event to make sure that inflatables are allowed in the park Most state, county or regional parks need permission prior to us setting up inflatables in them. We need someone at the park at least 90 minutes prior to the event and 90 minutes after the event. a $150.00 park fee will be added to all deliveries to parks. Detailed pick up and delivery fees will apply to all park reservations
    A little slope is not a problem -- we can usually put the entrance of the inflatable at the top of the slope. Steep slopes, however, are not acceptable and unsafe for inflatables.
    Customer must provide trash cans near the inflatables. On asphalt this is a huge problem for our clean up crews. What happens is a kid places a can of soda on the ground at the base of the inflatable, Then accidentally, some one else immediately kicks it over spilling underneath the inflatable. Of course lots of sticky clean up is required underneath the inflatable before it can be rolled up and put back in the delivery vans. If a can of soda has been brought inside an inflatable such a moonwalk, obstacle course, Joust, or other similar games, and it spills and is not cleaned up immediately by the customer, customer will be charged a $150 cleaning fee. This also applies to vomit, urine, silly string, or face paint!
    Tipping is very much appreciated although not required. The TEAM at USA Inflatables works hard to make sure everything is ready for your event and delivered on time and in excellent shape. For your convenience when booking online you can select to add a tip right on your invoice (5% is the most common) or when calling to place an order let the customer service rep know and they can add the Tip to your invoice. By tipping on the invoice it allows all those involved even those behind the scenes to see part of the tip not just the delivery and set up crews.
    You will have up to 24 hours after the completion of your event to call and change your tip.

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