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Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. How long is the rental, Whats included, cancellation policy, what surface do we set up on, How many kids can fit in the inflatable, Are the inflatables clean and many many more.

Why Should I choose USA Inflatables?

USA Inflatables is the Leading provider of Interactive Events and inflatables to large and small events and festivals in the Greater Minneapolis St Paul area. Some of our annual events include large city festivals, school carnivals, church festivals and the Minnesota State Fair. We also perform at several company picnics, and thousands of back yard parties. The reason these events come back to USA Inflatables year after year is because they know that USA Inflatables provides the highest quality, safest inflatables, largest selection of innovative party rental equipment, quality on-time deliveries and clean courteous staff members that treat your customers with respect. USA Inflatables also provides interactive equipment to several cities and festivals through out-state Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

The Lessee shall be in charge of operating the unit(s) rented from USA Inflatables (Lessor) and is fully responsible for the operation of the unit(s) after receiving it from Lessor, unless the rented item lists an attendant included in it website description. Lessee will have a competent adult(s) supervising the safe operations of the inflatable(s) while it is being used at all times.. USA Inflatables has operators available for an additional fee that must be arranged with USA Inflatables at the time of making the reservation. Electricity is the responsibility of the lessee unless other arrangements have been made with USA Inflatables by also renting a generator.
Once an inflatable is reserved, You can post-pone or re-schedule your rental up to 24 hours prior to your rental and your deposit will be credited towards your next rental. No refunds will be given. Due to scheduling we cannot accept changes to an order within 24 hours of your scheduled delivery. No refunds or credit will be given for cancellations or changes with less than 24 hours notice.
We need a level, uniform surface, such as Grass, Concrete, Blacktop or Carpet. No Dirt, Rock, Gravel or Sand setups. For Safety you must order 4 sand bags (or more depending on the inflatable)per inflatable to secure the inflatable on Asphalt, concrete or when staking is not allowed. Sand bags are available for $10.00 each and each inflatable requires a minimum of 4 sand bags and some 10 or more. Special Inflatable sand bags are required and customer is not allowed to provide there own sand bags
For your protection an automatic 4.5% Rental Protection fee is added to every order. This covers the unit from accidental damage while in your possession. This covers items like small seam rips, minor netting damage, staining from grass or asphalt, or scuffs and scrapes from asphalt, flooring and cement.
*This Rental Protection does not cover misuse, over loading, intentional damage to the unit such as with sharp objects, silly string, paints and other intentional abuse,
*Rental Protection does not cover missing or stolen units.
*Rental Protection does not cover excessive cleaning charges. *Rental protection is not a liability insurance coverage- an additional insured certificate can be added for $79.00
Rental Protection is required on every reservation.
Usually six to eight, but it depends on the size of the children and the type of inflatable they are on. Some units like slides and obstacle courses are 2 people at a time.
Yes, we can fully run your entire event; we will provide staffing for all the inflatables or games at your event. Staffing is $35.00 per hour per attendant with a 4 hour minimum.When adding staffing to your event staff members get paid drive time to and from the event- in most cases the additional time is 1 additional hour. One staff member is required to monitor each inflatable in use.
: Yes. USA Inflatables carries a Liability policy; however USA Inflatables will not be responsible for any acts of negligence on the part of the customer, their representatives or guests. We require that you monitor and provide your own attendant for the Inflatable at all times. USA Inflatables offers staffing at $30.00 per hour. We are fully insured and are regularly asked to additionally insure parks, churches or businesses. The fee for an additionally insured certificate is $79.00 per certificate we need at least 3 days notice prior to the event to provide the group with a certificate.

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