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Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. How long is the rental, Whats included, cancellation policy, what surface do we set up on, How many kids can fit in the inflatable, Are the inflatables clean and many many more.

Why Should I choose USA Inflatables?

USA Inflatables is the Leading provider of Interactive Events and inflatables to large and small events and festivals in the Greater Minneapolis St Paul area. Some of our annual events include large city festivals, school carnivals, church festivals and the Minnesota State Fair. We also perform at several company picnics, and thousands of back yard parties. The reason these events come back to USA Inflatables year after year is because they know that USA Inflatables provides the highest quality, safest inflatables, largest selection of innovative party rental equipment, quality on-time deliveries and clean courteous staff members that treat your customers with respect. USA Inflatables also provides interactive equipment to several cities and festivals through out-state Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Free STANDARD delivery is for up to 100' from our access point to the set up area - additional fees will be charged for deliveries over 100' to set up area, Additional Fees are also charged specialized or detailed delivery times for Stairs, elevators, downtown Minneapolis or St Paul deliveries where driving and parking is difficult. Delivery fees are also charged for deliveries to the Mall of America, Stadium venues, Hotels, Parks, Steep hills, difficult deliveries, problems with power - multiple doors deliveries and more call if you have a question about your delivery 763-506-0400

When would you like delivery?

STANDARD Delivery (FREE) (MOST POPULAR) Delivery sometime 12 - 48 hours before your event - No requested times - delivery is at our convenience - Choose this option to get the "2 Nights FREE". Based on availability - order must be received by 4:00pm - 2 days before the event date to assure delivery the day before your event.

FlEX Delivery ($49.00) - Same-day delivery. Start-time on rental must be 11:00am or later. Perfect for when delivery the day before is not an option and you have a flexible delivery window of at least 3.5 hours

DETAILED Delivery ($69.00) - Required for parks and deliveries before 11:00am, We will deliver in a detailed 75 minute delivery window  Also good for surprise parties and when a larger delivery window is not an option. 

*Rentals at Parks require Detailed Delivery - additional fee for deliveries from 8:00pm - 7:00am

USA Inflatables offers a longest in the industry full calendar day rental- unless noted in the product description.

For Residential STANDARD Delivery We will typically deliver and set up the rental units  12-48 hours prior to your event and pick up 12 - 48 hours after your event. so if your event is on Saturday we would deliver on Thursday or Friday at our convenience and pick up on Sunday or Monday at our convenience - for the one day price
NOTE - The rental is NOT for a 24 hour period like from 2:00pm Friday through 2:00pm Saturday - it is for the calendar day and will be delivered at our convenience on the day before and picked up at our convenience the day after your event.

If ordering online select the date of your event and enter 9:00am - 8:00pm and we will automatically change it to delivery the day before and pick up the day after your event.

The inflatable must be in a secure environment, For insurance and liability reasons you will want to keep the inflatable deflated overnight (if outside and unattended) You are responsible for the unit and its accessories until we come to pick the unit up. We generally will come to pick up the unit the next day.

There is no discounted rate for a shorter reservation like a 2 hour event. - The full day price still applies.

Our software is designed for one day pricing and even if you put a multi day rental into our software we reserve the right to update the invoice with the correct pricing for the multiple days.
115 Feet Maximum from an electrical outlet.- USA Inflatables will supply the extension cord for no additional fee.
USA Inflatables will set-up at all parks with permission. Check with the park prior to the event to make sure that inflatables are allowed in the park Most state, county or regional parks need permission prior to us setting up inflatables in them. We need someone at the park at least 90 minutes prior to the event and 90 minutes after the event. a $150.00 park fee will be added to all deliveries to parks. SAME DAY pick up and delivery fees will apply to all park reservations
Yes, provided the driveway is flat enough. We prefer to setup inflatables on a grassy area when possible, because it is easier to safely secure the inflatable and generally safer. We will not setup inflatables on gravel driveways. For Safety you must order 4 sand bags per inflatable to secure the inflatable on Asphalt, concrete or when staking is not allowed. Sand bags must be reserved prior to delivery and are $10.00 each
For residential deliveries with the "2 nights FREE" USA Inflatables will typically deliver 12 - 48 hours before your event. On the delivery day most of our deliveries will be done from 9:00am - 5:30pm and you will receive a text message stating the approximate delivery date and time range - all FREE STANDARD Deliveries are done at our convenience - no specified times are allowed. - USA Inflatables will pick up the inflatable 12 - 48 hours after your event completion at our convenience. You do not need to be home when we pick the inflatables up - please make sure we have access to the pick up location..

Additional delivery fees apply to same day Delivery and pick ups. We will deliver and setup the inflatable at least 30 minutes prior to your start time (you don't pay for setup time). We will not pick up inflatables after 8:00pm unless agreed upon. We need a minimum 75 minute window for set-up Detailed delivery fees will apply. 
: Yes. USA Inflatables carries a Liability policy; however USA Inflatables will not be responsible for any acts of negligence on the part of the customer, their representatives or guests. We require that you monitor and provide your own attendant for the Inflatable at all times. USA Inflatables offers staffing at $30.00 per hour. We are fully insured and are regularly asked to additionally insure parks, churches or businesses. The fee for an additionally insured certificate is $79.00 per certificate we need at least 3 days notice prior to the event to provide the group with a certificate.

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