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    Interactive Challenge - Light Chasing Game

    Interactive Challenge - Light Chasing Game

      • Actual Size: 15 X 15 X 9
      • Setup Area: 15 X 15 X 10

      • $445.00
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    Can you keep up? Latest team building inflatable arcade game – a futuristic interactive whack-a-mole! 2 players compete to earn the highest score by striking each button when it lights up. Race through a 60-second round. Features 10 LED button lights.

    There are three games to choose from:

    The Light Hunter

    The spots randomly change color between red and green. As the game progresses, more and more spots are turned on. Get as many points as you can by hunting down spots in your own color.

    Back to Base
    All lights flash red. Select the red base spot. All lights flash green. Select the green base spot. The base to which you always have to return is now set.

    Steal the Light

    One red and one green spot light up at random. If you touch a spot, both spots go out. Make sure you are always the first and get the most points